The municipality of Naples focuses on Bitcoin

The news has been around for some time in Italy. The mayor of Naples announced that he would like to use the Bitcoins after being denied the ability to print currency.

The Municipality of Naples is looking for a way to use Bitcoins. The digital currency, in the plans of the mayor of Naples De Magistris would thus become the official currency of the capital of Campania. A surprise move that is creating great interest in Italy.

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After the announcement, however, now the mayor and the Council are trying to understand how to use the Bitcoins. “Next week we bring the autonomy decree to the Council, in November it will be the turn of the money resolution, which does not mean to print money as someone has said, wanting to ironize. When the resolution is ready, I will explain everything. which concerns the autonomy of the city and that I wrote in that post “declared the Mayor of Naples.

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It remains to be seen how the municipality will use Bitcoins as they are still very volatile. In Italy there is scepticism even though we are talking about the best known and most solid cryptocurrency. Naples would be the first municipality in Europe to use a cryptocurrency as an official currency. According to some experts, however, the Italian constitution does not allow a municipality to accept currencies other than the euro.

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The battle over the Bitcoin in Naples has just begun, the rest of the world looks with interest. How will it end?

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