How to Invest in ? Stocks for Beginners in Malaysia (in 2018) – sector by sector analysis ?

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Stuck on how to starting investing in Bursa Malaysia as a total beginner? This lesson will help you shortlist your stocks sector.

there are more than thousands of companies listed in the stocksexchange. How do you choose the stock to invest in, the ones that will give you best return in the long run, while you sleep soundly at night?

You have to start somewhere when it comes to being total beginner in the Malaysian share market. After opening your CDS/stock brokerage account, the first thing to do is to focus on a specific stocks sector.

These are:
1) Plantation stocks
2) Property stocks
3) Finance stocks
4) Infrastructure stocks
5) Technology stocks
6) Trading/Services Stocks
7) Industrial Goods/Services Stocks
8) Consumer Goods Stocks
9) REIT stocks

After you choosing the stocks sectors, you may still need to further niche down if the stocks sector is a huge one in Malaysian stock market.

For example, 2 of the most resilient stocks sector in any economic conditions are industrial goods/services stocks and consumer goods stocks.

Consumer stocks could be further sub categorized into household products stocks, food & beverages stocks, retailer stocks, etc.

Under these sub-categories, then you want to pick the winners among them, like the highest RoE, market leaders etc.

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