What is Deal Cancellation?

easyMarkets allows you to undo trades that move against you. dealCancellation is a tool institutional investors use (banks, brokers) called look back, which easyMarkets has adapted for its retail clients. It gives our clients a 60 min window to undo a losing trade for a small fee.

How does dealCancellation benefit you?

dealCancellation gives your trades an unprecedented edge in the dynamic and exciting financial markets. Here is what this amazing tool can offer you.

Trade Events Without Fear of Unpredictable Market Movements
Make Bigger Trades – You Can Just Undo Them
Protect Your Funds from Runaway Loses
Use With Other Risk Management Tools

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Why easyTrade?

Unlimited Reward

easyTrade’s underlying technology also doesn’t cap or restrict your potential. If the market conditions are in your favor your trade will continue to gain throughout the duration of the Trade Time.

Limited Risk

Being able to control maximum risk is one of the reasons we chose to build easyTrade on the specific underlying financial instrument. It allows you to set the level of risk you are comfortable with.


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