Why choose eToro and Copy Trading?

eToro is one of the best online brokers, one of the secrets of their success is Copy Trading. But what is it actually

We talk a lot about social world thinking about Facebook and Twitter and various social now on the web, but with eToro social media have also entered the trading world, a brilliant idea in many ways. With eToro, in fact, even if you are not a Trading expert or of that specific field you can invest too, copying what the experts of the sector do.

In fact, if you open an account with eToro you can automatically copy the best traders. Choose who to copy and how much to invest in copying the trader. You will automatically buy and sell the securities exactly as the trader you are copying, obviously as a percentage of your investment. A smart way to start investing online. Given the success eToro has not stopped here! For some years he has created CopyPortfolio


CopyPortfolio’s are investment products that group together a range of financial instruments. Assets are chosen and re-selected based on a pre-established strategy. Thus, CopyPortfolio allow you to copy only 1 trader to copy more together. There is the CopyPortfolio of those who have earned the most in the last 3 months, there is that of those who have the best average return on investment / risk and so on. This is one of eToro’s best products. But they did not stop here.

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They created a copy group of action groups. Technological actions (Apple, Microsoft etc.) or videogames companies and so on. This is very convenient if you want to invest in a sector, such as technology, because you think it will be fine, because it allows you to invest in all the actions of that sector.
You have no time constraints. You can keep these copy portfolios for 1 month or 6 months or even just 1 day. You have no bond.

CopyPortfolios are designed for those who want to invest but with a lower risk than normal forex investments. This is why they are particularly recommended for those who are beginners or those who want to invest without too much risk.


* Your capital is at risk. This strategy was developed exclusively for eToro and may not replicate the exact composition or performance of the reference portfolio, subject to the availability of the tools on the eToro platform. The rebalancing of the portfolio composition is carried out by eToro on the basis of available public data and may be deferred. Past performance is not indicative of future results. This is not an investment advice.