Start mining with minergate

Minergate is a Mining service also called multipool, which exploits the computing power of PCs, Smartphones and Tablets. With Minergate you can start mining the most profitable cryptocoins of the moment thanks to a software that is put at your disposal.

But let’s see how to proceed to start earning cryptcoin with your device.

How does it work ?
First you need to create an account at Minergate
Once the account is created, go to the download area at the top of the menu bar, where MinerGate will automatically update your operating system

Download the file and run it on your PC, Mac. Naturally the software works with all operating systems.

Once installed the software launches the program and you will find yourself on this screen.

Under the heading SMART MINER you will find the Cryptocurrency which is more profitable at the moment in terms of extraction. In this case XRM or Monero is the most convenient.

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Of course it is also possible to choose the cryptocurrency that interests you to mine.
MinerGate allows to “undermine” BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, BCN, FCN, QCN, XDN, DSH, AEON, MCN and INF8.
1.5% for PPS payments and a 1% fee for PPLNS.

Why use MinerGate for Mining?

Using this system help you, with only your PC you cannot do nothing but join with other users and putting together the computational capacity of all PCs you can achieve a great results. The coins mine will then be distributed among the various users based on their computing power.

MinerGate provides its own Wallet, if the user does not have a private one. As mentioned several times, the safest solution is to transfer the proceeds to a private (Wallet) portfolio.
An easy way to start earning your Crypto. Register to MINERGATE HERE

Good Mining to everyone!

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