‘What is Bitcoin’: The Beginner’s guide to understanding Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies, the underlying Blockchain Technology and monetizing the Cryptocurrency trend

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Bitcoin, one of the largest trending topics in the last few years has taken the financial world by storm. Every other article shared across the internet is either about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies or the underlying Blockchain technology. Many call it a scam, and some believe it being the future of money in the digital age. But what exactly is Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology and how can it change the world? How has such a recent technological development transformed into a multi-Billion industry?
The ‘What is Bitcoin’ guide about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the underlying Blockchain technology addresses these questions and build the reader’s fundamental understanding into this new emerging field. The guide gives
•A holistic introduction into Bitcoin for technology enthusiasts, non-technical users and business executives who wish to learn more about this technology
•Technical understanding about the underlying Blockchain technology and how it could transform businesses
•Deep dive into Initial Coin Offering (ICO’s) and fundamental understanding of key related terms such as Token air drop/ Token burn
•Introduction to wallets, addresses and exchanges where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be bought/traded
•Basics of buying and trading cryptocurrencies, including Margin trading
•Fundamentals of Bitcoin mining and what could be the best way to getting stared
•Trader’s insights and watch outs while buying and trading cryptocurrencies

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