Put Backspread; Unlimited Profit, Limited Risk Options Trading Strategy ☝

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● Put Backspread; Unlimited Profit, Limited Risk Options Trading Strategy ☝
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Put Backspread option spread trading strategy. This is a bearish strategy in options trading that is about selling a number of put options and buying more put options of the same underlying stock and expiration date at a lower strike price.

The Put Back Spread is when you’re bearish on a specific stock and you want unlimited profit potential (only capped if the stock went down to 0). But you also want to cap your risk so you have limited risk. This is an odd shaped graph; you reckon the stock is likely to move dramatically one way or another; and also think the stock is likely to move to the downside but there is a possibility that it still moves dramatically to the upside. I want to place all my chips that the stock is due for a downturn but you still don’t want to lose any monies if it does move to the upside. The loss will be incurred only if the stocks stays where it is.

Sell 1 in-the-money put
Buy 2 out-of-the-money puts
example XYZ trades at $48
Sell 1 $50 put for $400
Buy 2 $45 puts for $200 x 2

We want to be paid off if it goes below $40; we think this stock is really going to tank.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AN ADVANCED TUTORIAL. – if you are having problems understanding the concepts check out the full options course from the beginning.

Call Backspread; Unlimited Profit, Capped Risk ☝

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