How to Identify a Change in Market Conditions! 🌊

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● Identify a Change in Market Conditions
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How to identify a change in market conditions? We know that we have to use different strategies when market conditions change. But how do you interpret market conditions, how to spot they are about to change and how to predict them for the trade you are going to take. What are the most important clues to correctly identify market conditions? This is about trying to pick up the correct strategy for the right conditions.

Adjusting Your Trading Method with Different Market Environments

There is not a single trading system that will work in all market conditions. As such don’t expect a strategy that works in a ranging market to perform well if the market is exhibiting a strong trend. Mean reversions systems will work better in ranging market conditions.

1) Price response
2) Expected moves/ATR
3) Time of day
4) Length of current conditions.

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