Day Traders are FRAUD Victims [Day Trading is a SCAM / FRAUD]

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I’ve never met a profitable day trader.

There are no wealthy day traders with verified success

There are no firms successful firms that rely on day trading.

Investment Banks make money via transactional trading and acting as market makers

While there are shady firms that day trade, they usually charge their “proprietary traders” (fraud victims) outrageous commissions and expect them to lose money. – Receive $400 worth of FREE options trading education… – Try Real-Time Trade Alerts & Make $$

This video teaches you that day traders are scam victims and you’ll never make money trading stocks if you use technical analysis and chart patterns

I have never met a profitable day trader or online stock trader.

Swing traders, day trading, day traders, forex trading, penny stock trading, using technical analysis – none of it works.

You WILL lose money by day trading, trading forex, swing trading, using technical analysis etc.

I have worked on Wall Street.

Worked at investment banks

I have never met a successful and profitable day trader.

I have met many successful options traders.

But I have never met a successful day trader with verified performance.

I know that they exist online.

But, in real life, they don’t.

If you want to invest in stocks and how to invest in the stock market then you should not day trade stocks.

Selling option premium is the only way to make consistent money in the stock market.

Stock market investing is not easy.

These stock market investing tips are extremely valuable to options traders.

To be a successful stock market investor, the best tip that I can give you is to have a good trading strategy.

Don’t be like 98% of the others who look up how to start investing in the stock market and lose money stock trading & investing.

Successful stock trading investors need to:

1) Sell option premium / selling options

2) Invest in a coaching program / mentor (BestStockStrategy or TastyTrade)

Investing in yourself is the most important investment that you can make in your stock trading career.

The hardest part of options trading & trading options is controlling your risk by keeping your size small and also closing your positions early.

Investing success via online trading is about discipline.

Successful stock market and options traders are quick to close out their positions and slow to enter.

The only way you’re going to be profitable is by selling stock options and selling option premium.

Stock market trading is not easy.

Learn to trade & profit in the stock market with the best trading strategies.

You’ll learn what Ricky Gutierrez, TheChartGuys, tastytrade, Sky View Trading & Financial Education don’t tell you!

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