How to Use a Triangular Moving Average Indicator πŸ”Ί

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βœ… What is a triangular moving average?
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Triangular moving average. What is a triangular moving average?
What is it all about and how can it be used? TMA (Triangular Moving Average) is a weighted moving average indicator. As with all other moving average indicators it works by smoothing out the market noise and shows the market trends more clearly.

A simple moving average is the average price over a period of time. But what is the triangular moving average? This is basically double-smooth so it is an average of an average so we’re smoothing things even more. Most charting packages do have it. Why might we want to use that? What are the advantages/disadvantages? This moving average is slower to respond. So if you wanted to get into longer term trends you might find a traditional moving average a little too choppy (too quick to respond). A moving average crossover might alert you a little bit earlier than you want. Of course the triangular moving average can be a seriously lagging indicator and you will be behind the curve if you have a strategy that requires you to be involved as soon as things are happening.

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