Bigger Picture Thinking Equals Better Trades ๐Ÿ‘

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โœ… Bigger Picture Thinking Equals Better Trade
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Bigger picture thinking equals better trades. What is strong support and resistance? And how do you distinguish between strong support and resistance levels and weak support and resistance levels?

How to Determine the Strength of Support and Resistance

On the screen we have two charts, completely identical with a support level – which one is going to hold? You can’t say right? What if I add more information to it. Many traders have a myopic, laser focused vision and don’t expand their vision to how price has reacted and what has happened before. Some people might argue that it doesn’t matter what price has done before ; it is just price touching support but I fundamentally disagree and I’m going to tell you why. Take account the bigger picture – time of the day, day of the week..etc

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