Consolidation OR Choppy Market; Acceptance of a New Price Level πŸ‘

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Consolidation OR Choppy Market? Still choppy, still consolidating? Is the price still consolidating sideways? What is a choppy market? Some traders like volatility as it can lead to large swings in either direction allowing them more opportunities for profit. However, it is when volatility arises without any sense of directional movements that situations can get complicated. Suppose you enter a trade and then price starts to move in a choppy sideways motion? How soon might you be able to identify when a trend is going to move sideways?

Consolidation or chop. The difference between consolidation and chop. What is consolidation? How do you tell between a consolidation period and market choppiness. It is hard to distinguish; they are very much similar. There are some clues to look for and there are some telltale signs that might given it way but ultimately both are similar. Consolidation for me is acceptance of a new price level. If we can frame consolidation as fresh territory that is relatively new and its holding its ground.

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