The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 70- Bernie Sanders on Rogan, Johns Hopkins firing, Chicken hearts

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Tel Aviv, Israel- Beyond Bitcoin time! Bernie Sanders was on Joe Rogan talking the usual envy based emotional nonsense (scapegoat the wealthy and successful…). The bigger story is that Andrew Yang as proven that candidates need to go on podcasts and that the traditional media route won’t do it anymore if you want to win the zombie popularity contest. In Baltimore Johns Hopkins fires a professor and he posts a great reply blog post that should inspire many! Ambition is good! Don’t waste time on Jeffrey Epstein. Chicken hearts are tasty, Tisha B’Av is here, Sudan virtue signaling scam, much more!

Sun Article-
JHU Dan Povey-
Joe Rogan Bernie Sanders-
Half of young Americans say their degree is irrelevant to their work-
Dan Tapiero -
Baltimore Uruguay-
Sudan Scam-
Yaron Brook-

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